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The Rights Licensing System

by Rights People for Rights People
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Do Rights Professionals Need Bookfairs?

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The rights licensing system for publishing that helps you achieve more

A comprehensive rights database combined with elegant and intuitive workflow tools to help you manage deals swiftly and efficiently. You can then get on with more of what you are great at – making rights deals and growing revenue. Designed by rights people and built by publishing technology experts, with all the functionality you need to unleash the potential of your rights business. You can read more about us here.

Demo video

Watch our demo video to see how RightsZone could help you to grow your rights business.

Why RightsZone?

World Leading Technology

Provide a high quality and responsive service with a system you can rely on.

RightsZone is built on the one of the world’s largest and most trusted Cloud Platforms, to give you fast, secure access to your rights data whenever and however you want to get your hands on it (bookfair follow-up in your pyjamas, anyone?)

Efficient Workflow Management

Save time and increase the number of deals you can generate by optimising your workflow.

RightsZone gives you greater visibility of the things that need your attention at the time you need to give it, ensuring you stay on top of all your deals, whatever stage of the process they are at.

Efficient Workflow Management

Save time and increase the number of deals you can generate by optimising your workflow.

RightsZone gives you greater visibility of the things that need your attention at the time you need to give it, ensuring you stay on top of all your deals, whatever stage of the process they are at.

Enhanced Customer and Deal Management

Increase revenue by managing customer relationships effectively and increasing the discoverability of your rights.

RightsZone puts customers at the heart of your business and gives you the tools to ensure you target the right people with the right products at the right time.

Image of BISG Positioned for Growth Report

Positioned for Growth – why Rights Management Systems are essential for your business

“The migration of rights management in book publishing from back office clerical function to strategic opportunity has been one of the defining elements of the industry’s digital transformation.” This opening line from the Book Industry Study Group’s (BISG) recent...
A crowd of people outside the Frankfurt Book Fair

Is Digital the New Normal?

Following our research on and report on the efficacy of digital book fairs for rights professionals , we thought you might be interested in this research carried out by Preetika Sihag, who has carried out her MA Publishing dissertation research on digital rights...
Photo of the RIghtsZone Team

Celebrating Teams

This month we have been thinking a lot about teams.  So, it seems an appropriate moment to stop and consider our own small team.  There are four partners in RightsZone – Clare, Ruth, Marc and Alex and we work closely with Marc’s team at Ribbonfish.  Meet the Rights...

Permissions: Publishing’s Lost Revenue Source

Imagine that you had a business for which you had (without any marketing or sales spend), a steady stream of customers ready and willing to part with their cash to get their hands on your stuff. It would be amazing wouldn’t it? And you would do everything you could to...

How RightsZone Can Save You Time

RightsZone works when you work, wherever you work.  As long as you have an internet connection, you can get access to all of your rights contacts, projects, submission and deals data, whenever you need it.  You can even use RightsZone via a mobile-friendly app!  So,...
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How RightsZone Can Make You Money

We are reliably informed that when you purchase RightsZone you will make your money back in two or three deals! Seize Opportunities In rights there is always so much going on.  You might have some customers reviewing material, others with whom you are negotiating...

Remote Working? RightsZone Can Help

From contacts to submissions, contracts to payments you can manage all your rights jobs on RightsZone from wherever you happen to be – whether that’s basking on a beach in the Bahamas or self-isolating in the back bedroom.  Your cloud-based companion Built on...

Who are RightsZone?

The RightsZone Team

Watch this short video about who we are and why we built RightsZone.

Clare Hodder

Clare Hodder

I’ve been working in rights for many years now, and love the variety and challenge that rights licensing brings.  I am passionate about making the industry sit up and take notice of rights people, because although we often work in small teams, we can have a big impact on a publishing business.  I’m also obsessive about workflows. As a consultant I’ve helped rights teams to tweak processes and make the most of their systems in order to grow their business without adding extra heads.

I wanted to create RightsZone to give you the system you deserve, a system that supports the way you work and gives you the tools to be the best you can be.

Ruth Tellis

Ruth Tellis

Throughout my career both in publishing and other industries I have always been curious about how and why we do things.

In my consultancy work I love talking to rights people, and hearing about their processes and workflows. By asking how they work and why they do things in a certain way, I can help them cut the rubbish and get on with the job!

Whilst developing RightsZone my mantra has been that rights people should be using their skills in relationship building, selling and analysis, not to be bogged down in unnecessary tasks and admin. We want to make your lives simpler and more productive.

Paula Neary

Paula Neary

I have over 20 years of experience in senior technology roles across academic, education, trade and STM publishing with a track record of implementing successful and inspirational systems to optimise publishing processes.

Since the beginning of 2017 I have been running Ribbonfish, a services and solutions provider to the publishing industry. We provide consultancy, specialising in project audits and project recovery; we also offer managed services and are Salesforce and WSO2 implementers. My aim is to grow Ribbonfish whilst retaining its innovative and creative spirit and to build products for publishing professionals that make a difference.

Alex Kapp

Alex Kapp

I have worked within STM and Educational publishing for over 20 years, in various operational and technical roles. During that time, I have been lucky enough to lead the delivery of a number of key system and platform projects which have transformed the business.

My role is as user champion – understanding your requirements and ensuring these translate into the technology. I am well-versed in the pain of bad data (!) but also in the transformation that good data can bring. More generally, you’ll find me organising and making sure we get things done!

Marc Defosse

Marc Defosse

I’ve worked for many years in IT consultancy – including several years at Accenture – before founding Ribbonfish 10 years ago. Why? Because I found most technology companies wanted to impose on you (the customer) their ways. Not listen to yours. Generally resulting in poorly designed and over-complicated systems.

At Ribbonfish, we listen and deliver your vision (whatever the technology), so that you can get on with your work. That exact same philosophy is behind RightsZone… partnering with subject matter experts like Clare and Ruth to give you the most comprehensive solution designed “by rights people for rights people”.

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