The Rights Licensing System –
by Rights People for Rights People

A comprehensive rights database combined with intuitive workflow tools to help you sell rights and manage book deals swiftly and efficiently.

What is RightsZone?

RightsZone is a web-based app that uniquely combines a comprehensive rights database with intuitive workflow tools that allow you to license translations, co-editions, audio, film, permissions and other rights for your content in a way that suits you.


RightsZone has been developed with rights professionals firmly in mind. It is not an add-on module or an after-thought, but an app specifically developed to meet the unique and specialist requirements of rights teams and to support the vital role you play in the publishing business.


RightsZone allows you to actively manage deals through the entire rights lifecycle, from first interest through contracts to renewal, as well as providing extensive customer management capabilities. Capture acquired rights, marketing and bibliographic data to give you access to all of the information you need to manage your rights business in a single system.


Access your data any place, any time and from any device – all you need is access to the internet. Whether you are in the office, working from home or on the move, you can make rights deals from anywhere with RightsZone.



The security of your information is of utmost importance to us. The robust and flexible security architecture of the Salesforce platform, on which RightsZone is hosted, is trusted by leading companies around the world to provide the highest level of security and control.


Every decision we make is informed by decades of experience at the publishing frontline. Our team remain actively involved in the rights and licensing.  We work closely with our community of clients to develop RightsZone further, ensuring that it provides effective support, even as licensing practices evolve.


Real-time analytics displayed on your home page enable you to identify priorities as soon as you log in.  You can get to work quickly using AI powered search and hyperlink navigation to move seamlessly between title information, deals, payment information and customer records.

How Much More Could You Achieve Using RightsZone?

Our customers report that RightsZone gives them…


More revenue*


More time*


More deals*


More job satisfaction

*source: Positioned for Growth: The Return on Investment from Rights and Royalties Solutions by Bill Rosenblatt and Steve Sieck on behalf of the Book Industry Study Group and client feedback.

The Right Team
for the Rights Job

Rights is all about people, and we have the best people to help you grow your licensing business. Clare Hodder and Ruth Tellis (Rights2 Consultants) are the rights geeks. Alex Kapp is the guru of publishing data and project management. Whilst Marc Defosse and the Ribbonfish team are the publishing technology experts. Driven by a collective passion, we understand the impact rights people can have on a publishing business and are committed to helping you to meet your goals. With RightsZone, you get expert consultancy and great software rolled into one fantastic package.

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Our Happy Clients

Our clients are more than just customers. They are our collaborators. We catch up regularly to learn about their experiences and their challenges.  We share best practice and future aspirations, and we work together to develop new features to ensure that RightsZone continues to support their needs.

“RightsZone is a ground-breaking rights sales system based on modern and widely-used SalesForce technology and is light years ahead of its competition. Most importantly RightsZone is backed up by approachable, friendly and supportive team of experts that know the publishing industry and rights and permissions inside out.”

Tim Spanner

Taylor & Francis

“RightsZone is everything I need from a rights management system:  it’s easy to use, it lets me know right away which rights I have available for sale, and it helps me streamline my outreach. On top of that, the RightsZone team is a delight to work with!  They make my job easier, and my work more effective. It is such a relief to have access to their tools and expertise.”

Kerry Cahill
American Psychological Association

Having moved our Rights and Permissions process to RightsZone, I can confidently say that we have seen a distinct improvement in our efficiencies.  RightsZone have provided us with more insights and understanding of our Rights business, is intuitive and easy to use.  The RightsZone team are incredibly helpful and are constantly looking for ways to customise and improve their systems so that they work for us as a customer.  12 months on into switching to RightsZone our experience has led to a better understanding and awareness of this area of our business.

Paul Owen

David C Cook

“RightsZone’s smart, modern cloud-based database is intuitive to navigate and allows us to manage our deals and contacts with great ease and flexibility.”

Ella Diamond Kahn

Diamond Kahn and Woods Literary Agency

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