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Driven by a collective passion, we understand the impact rights people can have on a business and are obsessed with helping more publishers make the most of their rights business and helping rights teams to meet their goals.

We are never happier than when we are talking to publishing colleagues and fellow rights professionals about rights and licensing. We would be delighted to chat to you about your rights business and to give you a demonstration of RightsZone’s key features so that you can see for yourself the difference it could make. Contact Ruth to arrange an appointment today.

Meet the RightsZone Team

With experience across rights, publishing, software development and cloud-based platforms, the RightsZone team are the experts, who are very well placed to help you.
Clare Hodder

Clare Hodder

I’ve been working in rights for many years now and love the variety and challenge that rights licensing brings. I am passionate about making the industry sit up and take notice of rights people, because although we often work in small teams, we can have a big impact on a publishing business. I am proud to be a member of both the PLS Rights Management Committee and the BISG Rights Committee.

At RightsZone I work on marketing, training and support, as well as assisting with data migration and configuration when we on-board new clients.

Ruth Tellis

Ruth Tellis

I love talking to rights people, and hearing about their processes and workflows. By asking how they work and why they do things in a certain way, I can help them to work more productively. Whilst developing RightsZone, my mantra has been that rights people should be using their skills in relationship building, selling and analysis, and not be bogged down in unnecessary tasks and admin.

Since June 2023, I have retired from day-to day activities with RightsZone, whilst remaining a director, offering support and maintaining a keen interest in the success of all our RightsZone users. RightsZone is in good hands and Marc, Alex and Clare to keep me up to date with everything that is going on.

Alex Kapp

Alex Kapp

I have worked in publishing for over 20 years, in various operational and technical roles. During that time, I have been lucky enough to lead the delivery of a number of key system and platform projects which have transformed publishing businesses.

My role at RightsZone is as user champion – understanding your requirements and ensuring these translate into the technology. I am well-versed in the pain of bad data (!) but also in the transformation that good data can bring. More generally, you’ll find me organising and making sure we get things done!

Marc Defosse

Marc Defosse

I founded Ribbonfish, RightsZone’s sister company over 10 years ago following a career in IT consultancy. At Ribbonfish we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and provide technology consultancy and solutions that deliver their ‘vision’. That same philosophy is behind RightsZone.

Day to day I am responsible for the design and development of the RightsZone app. Supported by the excellent team at Ribbonfish it’s my job to turn the feedback from our user community into fantastic product features.

Meet RightZone’s Support Team

Emily Lawrence, Sales Support at RightsZone

Emily Lawrence

At RightsZone, I work on Business Development and Account Management partnering with rights teams to ensure they get the most out of using our app.


Nicky Borowiec, Designer for RightsZone

Nicky Borowiec

I partner with RightsZone to support their design & brand – I’m proud to see our work together telling the RightsZone story.

Tim Kapp, Website support for RightsZone

Tim Kapp

I support the development of the RightsZone website and enjoy tinkering with WordPress, databases and XML.

Kate Llewellyn, content writer and marketing support for RightsZone

Kate Llewellyn

I support RightsZone’s marketing through content creation for the website, blogs, emails and social media.


Learn more about Clare and Ruth’s experience, and how that became the driving force behind developing RightsZone

Our Technology Partner

Our talented colleagues at Ribbonfish are responsible for the technical design and development of the RightsZone app. With decades of publishing experience, they have managed and delivered global business applications for many world-leading publishers.

Our Community

The RightsZone app works for all kinds of rights professionals. It is flexible and easy to customise to suit the kinds of rights deals your business does. Our community comprises small and dynamic indies, leading global power-houses and every shape and size in between.

Whether you are a literary agent, co-editions specialist, permissions executive or a rights all-rounder, we believe that RightsZone will help you achieve more.

 Here are some of the organisations that make up our community of RightsZone users right now:

Practical Inspiration Publishing Logo
The Rights Book Company logo


We are building the RightsZone Community of users, by:

Listening to feedback and working collaboratively with our community on new development ideas
Organising community days for rights users to come together to learn from each other
Sharing rights news and best practice tips via our news and social channels (join us #intherightszone)
Undertaking original research projects that deliver valuable insights into the evolution of the rights and licensing business
Supporting the global Rights2gether networking group – the only networking group for rights professionals from across the industry


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