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RightsZone offers a comprehensive rights database combined with elegant and intuitive workflow tools to help you manage deals swiftly and efficiently so that you can get on with more of what you are great at – making rights deals and growing revenue.

Designed by rights people and built by publishing technology experts, with all the functionality you need to unleash the potential of your rights business.

Take us with you

Access RightsZone from wherever you are, whenever you want to.

Tailor your view

See the big picture with a dynamic, configurable home page that surfaces the information that is most relevant to you.

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Use RightsZone’s sophisticated reporting tools to deliver powerful business intelligence.

Impress your clients and authors

Put customers at the heart of your business with advanced contact management features.

Why choose RightsZone?

World-leading Technology

Provides a high-quality and responsive service with a system you can rely on.

RightsZone is built on the one of the world’s largest and most trusted cloud platforms, Salesforce, to give you fast, secure access to your rights data whenever and however you want to get your hands on it.

Efficient Workflow Management

Save time and increase the number of deals you can generate by optimising your workflow.

RightsZone gives you greater visibility of the things that need your attention, at the time it needs it most. This ensures you stay on top of all of your deals, whatever stage of the process they are at.

Profitable Business Insights

Increase rights revenue with a suite of tools that will help you reveal new opportunities to grow your rights business.

RightsZone’s sophisticated analytics tools deliver business insights which can help you to target your resources where they will yield the best results for the bottom line.

Key Features of RightsZone

We have packed RightsZone with features to make your life as a rights professional easier, including…

  • Submission/Option management
  • Interest tracking
  • Contract generation
  • Customer profiling and relationship management
  • Co-edition functionality
  • Royalty management
  • Invoicing and payments
  • Acquired rights
  • Currency management
  • Customisable homepage
  • Automatic and Configurable reports
  • Intuitive hyperlink navigation
  • AI powered search
  • Related records
  • Email merge templates
  • Outlook/Gmail integration
  • Task manager
  • Calendar
  • Bulk editing
  • Record cloning
  • Easy data import and export (csv/Excel)
  • Collaboration tools
  • Multi-device friendly
  • File attachments
  • Data audit tools
  • Integration with title management systems (via REST API)
  • GDPR compliance

The Technology Behind RightsZone

Salesforce is a trademark of, inc., and is used here with permission.

Salesforce® Platform

RightsZone is hosted on Salesforce, one of the largest enterprise cloud platforms in the world, trusted by over 150,000 customers globally. Stringent security procedures keep your data safe.

Continuous Development

New features are added three times a year by Salesforce, to keep your workflow flowing. We also regularly develop new features to ensure the technology and software meets the needs of our clients.

Seamless Integration

Our REST API means that your publishing system can integrate with RightsZone to ensure that you always have access to most up to date information about your content without needing to leave the app.

With Salesforce helping us to take care of the technology, at RightsZone, we can put all of our energy into developing the best rights licensing experience for you.