This month we have been thinking a lot about teams.  So, it seems an appropriate moment to stop and consider our own small team.

There are four partners in RightsZone – Clare, Ruth, Marc and Alex and we work closely with Marc’s team at Ribbonfish.

Meet the Rights Experts

Clare and Ruth are the rights experts. Having worked in rights for over 35 years between them, they really do eat, sleep and breathe rights.  Their brief is to talk to rights people, find out what they want, and make sure that we develop and deliver the right product to support them.

From giving demos to providing support to the user community, Ruth and Clare are the customer-facing side of RightsZone.  They also deal with marketing, finance, and whatever needs to be done to deliver what our users need.  When they are not working on RightsZone they are busy providing consultancy support to publishers and industry organisations on all kinds of rights related projects under the banner Rights2.  They also run the highly regarded Rights2gether networking group for rights professionals, giving rights people a chance to exchange experiences and broaden their appreciation of the huge variety of rights work being carried out across the publishing industry.

Meet our Publishing Technology Experts

Marc is the owner and founder of Ribbonfish, publishing software and technology experts who thrive on streamlining workflows and transforming business processes.  Marc is the technical wizard behind RightsZone with an extraordinary ability to understand users’ requirements, even when they aren’t able to articulate precisely what they need, and to produce creative and elegant solutions for them.  He works hard to make sure that RightsZone not only delivers an excellent customer experience but also sets new standards for rights processes.  Marc is backed up by the brilliant Ribbonfish team, including CEO Paula Neary and Developer Sylvain Picory who both put a lot of time into helping sure that RightsZone runs smoothly.

Alex is the glue that holds RightsZone together!  With experience of managing in-house publishing systems, together with excellent project management skills and amazing data wrangling capabilities, Alex keeps everyone focused and makes sure we deliver systems that users want to use.  Alex does an awful lot of work behind the scenes, from system configuration and managing data to setting up new accounts and handling support amongst other things.  Alex’s pragmatism, tenacity and unparalleled efficiency mean we have yet to encounter a problem she can’t solve.

You can find out more about the RightsZone team (and even watch a video explaining why we created RightsZone) here.

More than a team…a whole community

Together, we think we make a pretty awesome team but we couldn’t run RightsZone by ourselves. So, we also want to give a big shout out to all the other partners we rely on to run our business.  From Salesforce on whose platform RightsZone is hosted to our super helpful accountants FianderTovell, and lawyers ParisSmith, to Kate Llewellyn from The Content Consultancy who helps us with our social media and Nicky Boroweic and  Becky Chilcott our branding and design gurus.  We also ought to thank our family members who keep things running at home whilst we focus on making RightsZone great and especially Nick Hodder and Tim Kapp who often give their (unpaid!) time to help us out.

Thank you to all of you for being part of our RightsZone family, we couldn’t do it without you!

And finally, a huge thank you to all of the wonderful adopters of the RightsZone App, the forward thinking rights professionals that we proudly call our RightsZone community.  We love working with you, developing new ideas together and being part of your success.

If you want to learn more about our team and how we can support yours, do not hesitate to get in touch.