We are reliably informed that when you purchase RightsZone you will make your money back in two or three deals!

Seize Opportunities

In rights there is always so much going on.  You might have some customers reviewing material, others with whom you are negotiating contracts, approving finished copies or requesting invoices for.  All this at the same time as you are planning your next bookfair, grappling with the next season’s rights guides and answering queries from authors.  It is no wonder that from time to time opportunities slip through the net.  There are lots of great ways of keeping track of everything in RightsZone.  List Views help you see at a glance what stage of the process any deal is at and what action you need to take next, you can set up Tasks that are linked to specific records and add due dates so that as soon as you log in you can see what needs your attention first.  Reports can be run automatically and sent directly to your email in box – clicking on a link in the email will take you right back into the record that needs updating.  When we go through the set-up process with you we will talk to you about how you like to work and recommend the best tools to help ensure you stay on top of everything so you don’t let any opportunities slip through the net.

Manage the Money

For every deal you record on RightsZone records are set up automatically to manage all the payments that are due or will become due as a result of the deal – whether that is multi-stage advances, flat fees or co-edition unit costs.  This makes it easy to keep track of who owes what when.  You can record payment details, commission and other deductions and even manage (dreaded) tax forms for each customer.  Using List Views you can identify overdue payments in an instant, whilst template emails simplify the chasing process.

A highlight identified by many of our clients is RightsZone’s ability to record royalty statements supplied by licensees.  Once a statement is entered the system calculates when an advance has been earned out and creates a due payment record for the balance.  You can use reports or list views to identify and then chase any overdue royalty reports –ensuring that you don’t leave any revenue on the table.

Powerful Analytics

One of the most useful functions in RightsZone is our sophisticated reporting tool.   You can use one of 60+ reports that come as part of the package when you subscribe to RightsZone or we can show you how to build your own.  From analysing the financials, to spotting trends, everything you could want to know about your rights business can be surfaced using a report.  You can create graphs or summarise data from your reports within a click and export to Excel when you have something you want to share more widely. Regular analysis of your rights data will help you make wise decisions about where to invest your time and resources to ensure you maximise the returns.

With all of these features we are confident that you will see an excellent Return on Investment when you make the switch to RightsZone – and we can help you prove it!  Get in touch today and we will walk you through our ROI calculator to help you work out how much additional revenue you could see as a result of subscribing to RightsZone.

Photo by Christine Roy on Unsplash