RightsZone works in the way that you work…wherever you work. As busy publishing professional time is at a premium. Therefore, you need to use it wisely.

With RightsZone, there are lots of great time-saving hacks you can use to manage your day-to-day processes more efficiently, allowing you to carve out some space in your day to focus on the bigger and more strategic tasks that are going to help you build your business. 

In this post, we give you a quick tour of our five favourite features that will save you time, when you use RightsZone.

List views

List views are essentially smart, advanced searches that you can save the parameters for. 

You can create list views wherever you are in RightsZone. Want to see all of your active rights buyers that are interested in self-help titles?  You can create a list view to show you who they are.  Want to see only those buyers based in Germany?  Just filter the list. 

List views allow you to quickly interrogate your data and precisely surface the information that you need.  You can even choose what fields you want to see in the results that are returned. To save even more time, you can edit your data right there in the list, with the option to update multiple records with one click.

Email templates

Email is a vital tool in the rights-selling toolbox and the primary means by which we interact with rights buyers. However, it can be really time consuming, not to mention tedious having to send very similar messages again and again.

There are two really helpful aspects of RightsZone that will give you some big time saving wins.  Firstly, you can create and save template emails, so that you aren’t having to re-type the same information over and over.  Templates become even more useful when you add merge fields to them, so that data from a record is inserted directly into the template.  This means you can send a bespoke email to a contact about the deal that you are working on, in just a couple of clicks!

Send emails from RightsZone with templated content

When you think of the number of times you send out submissions or chase people, this email automation wins you back hours of your working week.

Secondly, you can send list emails. Remember the list view of your German contacts interested in self-help titles above?  Within one click you can navigate to a ‘List e-mail’, insert a template and fire off a message about your forthcoming self-help book within seconds!  Sharing key information with your contacts has never been so quick and easy!

Generating agreements

We love doing deals – it’s the bread and butter of rights businesses, but having to copy and paste all the variables into a boiler plate agreement each time is another thing that can be time-consuming and a bit dull! 

In RightsZone, we can set up your boiler plate template so that when you agree a deal and enter the details into the system, you can generate a complete agreement at the press of a button.  It’s then ready to issue to your licensee right away.

Cloning records

The cloning tool in RightsZone has to be one of our favourite things!  Any record can be cloned to produce an exact replica of itself. 

If you have recently sent out some promotional info on one of your titles (using List Emails, see above) and receive lots of requests from potential licensees wanting review copies, cloning is a real asset.  Just enter the details of the first submission, hit ‘clone’ and swap out the customer.  At this point, you can click on the email tab, insert your submission template, attach the review material and send it to your customer.

Submission logged and review material sent in less than 60 seconds!

Subscribed reports

Subscribing to a report enables you to keep track of your important information, without even being logged on to the system! 

You can set any of the reports to run at a specified time and date and to be delivered to your email inbox

The reporting capabilities in RightsZone are incredibly sophisticated and, in addition to the 60+ reports that come pre -loaded in the app, you can create as many bespoke reports as you like.  You can set up reports to tell you when key payments are due or to generate information to pass on to someone else.  If you need to submit figures on rights activity on a regular basis, you can set up the report to run once and then subscribe.  At the allotted time, you will then receive the report in your inbox with the figures updated to reflect the current state of play. You can then analyse or simply forward on to your manager for review.  The report is delivered complete with active hyperlinks, so you can be back in the system on the relevant record within one click. The reports are also clear and presentable, enabling you to share as a finished item.

With all these time saving tools, you are free to focus on developing new opportunities and negotiating great deals – it’s what you’re best at!

Want to find out how much time could you free up by switching to RightsZone?  Get in touch for a chat and a demo today.

Photo by Donna Elliot on Unsplash