From contacts to submissions, contracts to payments you can manage all your rights jobs on RightsZone from wherever you happen to be – whether that’s basking on a beach in the Bahamas or self-isolating in the back bedroom.

Your cloud-based companion

Built on Salesforce, the world’s largest cloud platform, RightsZone is not only accessible anywhere, it is also fast, secure and consistently updated to ensure ongoing performance giving you and your team reliability and peace of mind.  RightsZone has been developed for the 21st century. It is both mobile and tablet-friendly. You can literally take your title data, your contacts book and all your submission, rights deal and payment information with you wherever you go.

All your information in one place

Because RightsZone is comprehensive, you won’t need to keep a million post-its stuck to your monitor (we have Tasks for that), save contracts to the shared drive (you can add attachments to any kind of record in RightsZone) or maintain separate spreadsheets to track royalties, bookfair appointments, author contract info or the countless other things you’ve had to invent work arounds to manage until now (our functionality covers all parts of the rights workflow).  We have built RightsZone so that you only have to log into one system to manage all the data and processes you use.  For remote workers that means you don’t have to get someone in the office to take a photo of the 3rd post-it to the right or try and remember where you saved the spreadsheet you were working on 6 months ago – its all there and you can get to it immediately.

Keep in touch with your team

RightsZone uses Chatter, an integral Salesforce feature that turns your app into a social media space.  This means you can bookmark and follow specific records, so that if they are updated by colleagues, you are made aware.  Instant messaging allows for quick and easy communication with other team members and tagging a record in your post helps the reader to navigate to exactly the information they need to take action.  Task and calendar tools enable bigger projects to flow more seamlessly whilst creating groups can enable several colleagues to work collaboratively (maybe you could set up a group to exchange lockdown baking inspiration!) Even though you are not in the same office RightsZone helps you keep abreast of what the rest of the team is doing – keeping in touch without being in touching distance!

Be part of our community

RightsZone was designed to evolve. As the publishing industry changes and as the world throws up new challenges, RightsZone will continue to serve our rights colleagues. We will talk to you about how you work and help you to use RightsZone’s unique features to enhance and support your processes.  We will share stories from other RightsZone users and encourage you to share your experiences with each other – as well as with us.   Listening to your feedback and inviting you to collaborate with us as we develop RightsZone are core to ensuring we continue to deliver a product that allows rights professionals to do their best work.  Together we can spot the opportunities on the horizon and come up with smart, efficient and creative strategies to ensure that we embrace them to build brilliant 21st century rights businesses.

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Photo by Crew on Unsplash