We are super excited to let you know about our new campaign:


We are launching this new initiative to highlight the importance of celebrating small wins and  taking pride in our achievements.

Some tasks may be menial…some contract wins might be epic…but remembering to take a moment to celebrate is so important for bringing us some ‘workjoy’ (thanks Practical Inspiration Publishing author, Beth Stallwood, for that one).

From working in rights for many…many years, we also know that the work of Rights Professionals is not always visible to the broader publishing community, so we want to remind fellow rights folk that it’s ok to shout a little louder about what we do.

As part of our #BraggingRights campaign, we encourage all those working in rights to share their news, their wins and the things that simply bring a smile in your everyday work, with us on LinkedIn. Use #BraggingRights and we will repost your celebratory content (tag RightsZone (@rightszone) too so we get notified and, hopefully, won’t miss a thing!).

From a record breaking number of translation deals to film rights being optioned for a completely unexpected title – we want to hear about it.

From bookfair follow up wins to getting in a royalty statement you’ve been chasing forever – share it, add the hashtag and tag us

…we want to celebrate you …from the ‘every day’ to the extraordinary.

We know that rights professional are not great at hyping themselves (thanks to another Practical Inspiration Publishing author, Lucy Werner, for that one!) … so, we are going to help get you started with a competition – just for the fun of it.

One of the best parts of our job is securing a deal – enabling a book or other content to transition into a new form that gives our authors a chance to share their work with a completely new audience.

At the same time, we are helping our licensing partners to grow their business – a real win-win.

One of our favourite parts of this process is waiting to see how the content of the book will be interpreted when it comes to designing covers or promotional material for the licensed work. Some are so beautiful…even if the words are written in a language you don’t understand.

It is intriguing to see how designers in different markets adapt or completely re-design original cover designs to create something that will appeal specifically to their market.

Check out this example, which brought Clare some joy recently.  She was helping RightsZone customer, The Right Book Company, on a deal for the Ukrainian rights to In the Meantime by Nick Miller (a business book and personal story about the lessons to be learned from the author’s career in marketing and selling beer).

Clare absolutely loves the cover of the Ukrainian edition, published by Labaratoria (@laboratoria.ua), which uses a clever ‘beer mat’ inspired design.

Share your favourite cover designs for licensed editions with us TODAY – create a post, add the hashtag #BraggingRightsCovers and tag us (@rightszone) or send them to us to share at info@rightszone.co.uk